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LCpl Matt Snyder Camp Snoops Project has teamed up with Harness Giving to provide a more seamless way of donating to your preferred non-profit organization! How does Harness Giving work? That’s simple! By selecting the blue donate button in the bottom right-hand corner of our site, you’ll be prompted to become an enrolled donor, with choices to donate one-time, monthly, or with round-ups. We are most excited to provide the option of round-ups. A round-up allows you to donate to your preferred non-profit with in-store and online daily purchases.

Harness Giving is powered by Stripe, a financial infrastructure for the internet, trusted by startups to Fortune 500 companies like Amazon.

If you prefer using PayPal, click on the yellow button below.

You can also send a check to:

LCpl. Matt Snyder Camp Snoops Project

P.O. Box 281

Douglassville, PA 19518

Your donation is tax deductible

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