What Can I Do

• Go to a Memorial Day Parade: look in your local newspaper to see where and when they will be held

• Call veteran organizations in your area to see if you can help put flags on veteran graves in honor of Memorial Day

• If you knit or crochet, make scarves and donate them to homeless veterans shelters in your town.

• Write ‘thank you’ notes to veterans in hospitals and veteran retirement homes

• Many communities have veteran homes and these residents LOVE to have visitors and volunteers. It is very easy to get involved in these residences and hospitals.Some veterans have trouble mainstreaming back into society, or getting jobs. Sometimes they live in veteran shelters and you can help to collect toiletries for them. Include things like toothpaste and brush, combs, floss, handy wipes, hand sanitizer, handkerchiefs or Kleenex, socks, slippers, nail polish, hand cream, stamps, letterpaper, envelopes, pens, word puzzle books…

• FLY YOUR FLAG! In an age when just about every home has a holiday flag, welcome flag, weather flag, vacation flag, congratulations flag…shouldn’t there be an AMERICAN FLAG which symbolizes the reason we Americans can fly all of the other flags? For proper etiquette, >>> CLICK HERE <<<

• American flags should be properly disposed of and burned. Many Boy Scout troops and Military Posts have ‘flag burning ceremonies’ in the fall and spring. Consider organizing a used flag collection in your neighborhood, school or place of business. After collecting them, take them to a Boy Scout troop or drop them in a collection box…many old mailboxes have been converted into used flag collection bins and are located at municipal buildings and veterans organizations.

Stay tuned…we have more!

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