Memorial Day Education

In May, 2006, Matt’s elementary school, Sandymount, hosted its annual Memorial Day Ceremony.

Matt had attended similar ceremonies while a student there, and now he was being remembered, because that is what Memorial Day is all about–it is unique from other patriotic holidays, as it honors those who died seeking our freedoms.

This ceremony was the inspiration to start ceremonies in schools and communities. One has led to another. We hope you will utilize the tools here to start one in your hometown. Please contact us if you have questions or seek further assistance!

These photos helped to capture Matt in his youth and as an adult.

They were a part of the Memorial Day ceremony at Sandymount Elementary.

There are many ways to honor our heroes.

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For all of the children you know out there! Here is our Coloring Activity that you can download and give to the kids. Easy, fun and a teaching lesson for our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, students and neighbors! Color by number, learn the flag, learn the difference between the two days—all in one activity!

These postcards have been created by the LCpl Matt Snyder Camp Snoops Project to help teach students the difference between veteran holidays. They are 5” x 7” and geared to K-8 grade. With a high gloss finish and patriotic colors, they make a perfect inexpensive give away which not only teaches, but can be kept in a binder or bookbag, as well as taken home to families to further spread this important education! Please >>>click here<<< to let us know how many post cards you need. For the time being they are free of charge. Get yours today! We are looking forward to hearing from you and mailing them out to your community!

Students will learn to understand the true meaning of Memorial Day through the education you provide in your ceremony. As the years pass, it is good to give them information to take home and share with their families, who may not have the same benefit of learning, or who may have forgotten. It is good to send home a little reminder flier, so when Moms, Dads, Guardians or other family and friends unpack book bags or ask to discuss the student’s day, there is something to share about your event.

Research the various military posts in your area and seek their assistance for your Color Guard, flag and poppy donations and guest speakers, as well as the veterans you need to attend your event. Research Veterans of Foreign Wars, Marine Corps Leagues and Divisions, American Legion, Catholic War Veterans, Vietnam Veterans of America and more. Then, remember to send your invitations early, as the months of April, May and June are very busy for our veterans and you need to get on their itinerary early.

To help cover monetary expenses, it is a good idea to encourage support from your community businesses and banks.

REMEMBER, there are many ways to commemorate Memorial/Veterans Day in the schools. If producing an actual program seems a bit challenging for your first efforts, consider what Beach Elementary in Calvert County has been doing for years. Every Memorial Day, the entire school community participates in a school-wide sing-a-long of patriotic songs organized and led by the school’s music teacher and selected students, via the school’s TV news channel. Additionally, the students create Memorial day artwork, which is then presented to the town’s Mayor by the school’s Principal. The artwork is displayed in businesses throughout the town of Chesapeake Beach for a period of time, beginning around Memorial Day.

WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU! Try to get something going in your children’s or grandchildren’s schools-it is a wonderful way to promote our cause, in addition to perpetuating Matt’s legacy!

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