This upcoming week is election week. Despite the signs, posters, business endorsements, news stories, and many many posts online, we’d like to share a different viewpoint. No matter where your opinion lies, we are all Americans, and we must remember why and how we are able to vote this upcoming Tuesday.

Next Sunday, November 11, 2018, we celebrate Veterans Day. A day set aside to honor those that have served in the military, regardless of whether it was during a time of war or peace. Every one of these men and women signed up to fight for your freedom. So if you take the time to stop at the voting polls, take notice of your fellow Americans. The men and women outwardly displaying their pride in serving, whether they sport a hat or vest pin, a shirt, a license plate, deserve a thank you. Kindly thank them for their service. Thank them for fighting for the ability to vote in this election.

For those not old enough to vote, we encourage you to visit our website,, for interactive ideas to learn about Veterans Day. Get involved this November by learning different ideas on how to thank a Veteran!

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