It is Back To School season ALREADY!  How fast did your summer fly by?  Many of us may have been swimming, enjoying time with family, attending parades, cooking on the grill, floating down the river in a kayak, going to work, buying a new home, collecting lightning bugs, getting ready to go to college, celebrating a wedding….so many things to do during the summer!  Remember, our many military troops are across the globe keeping a watchful eye out for each of us and are not always able to do even the smallest activities with friends or family at home. 

VETERANS DAY is just TEN weeks away!  That is how fast the summer flew by—IN TEN WEEKS!  LET’S PLAN NOW TO MAKE IT ONE OF OUR MOST SUCCESSFUL VETERANS DAYS YET!  You can help, by sending the name of a school teacher you know to Or better yet, reach out to your child’s teacher yourself and invite them to take our FREE postcards for their Veterans Day lesson; or ask if they would like to make star packs to donate to the local military post such as the VFW or AMERICAN LEGION.  We WILL supply these materials to them!  There are so many ways to help The LCPL Matt Snyder Camp Snoops Project continue to reach more people—this is a nationwide effort and an easy way to reach our students nationally with educational materials about Veterans Day.  Check out our educational page to see what activity you might like best! 

We appreciate what you can do to help spread the word about Camp Snoops. 

Have a happy Fall season and when you are doing one of those fun activities, or another, take a moment to remember our military throughout the world. Thank you!

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Please remember a veteran who has passed away. Memorials will be posted on our Wall of Honor page within 24 hours.  (Your email will be kept confidential.)