Thank you to EVERYONE who bought tickets and supported our No-Show Extravaganza during the cancellation of our annual BBQ day on October 10th.  If you follow our Facebook page (@CampSnoops) you know that we are now taking our No Show into it’s second stage where we will offer a number of fun and favorite raffle themes from past BBQ events.  This summer, we treated everyone to our Midsummer Giveaway of 3 terrific gifts—Our favorite Christmas Décorating Basket, an Amazon gift card and a Pro Bass shopping card.  We gained a great list of schools to reach out to ACROSS the country (!) and we are looking into contacting them now for Veterans Day or to the future when things hopefully return to ‘normal’ and we can honor Memorial Day and share our education materials with more students and communities. 

Saturday, October 10th we started our first ‘No-Show’ raffle with a grocery store gift card and Thanksgiving décor to give your holidays a jumpstart!  Thank you to all who bought tickets and sold them out in 24 hours!  Congratulations, Lori Idol, on your win!  We have a nice selection of raffles that we will be running consecutively through the fall and into winter.  Please be sure to review the video that explains how our raffles will work and if you have any questions about it, be sure to reach out to us at  We will answer you promptly, especially since we love to hear from you!  Highlighting the raffle season will be the fact that there will be limited tickets sold, giving YOU a better chance to win! Please share our Facebook page with your friends and family.  And for those of you who do not ‘Facebook’ like some of us, please share our website and Facebook through your texting or email contacts—spread the word about Matt and Camp Snoops!

Finally, moving into the fall and holiday season, we wish each of you a safe and happy one.  We all have different lives and different life events we are moving through.  We realize this, which makes us appreciate, even more, your support and friendship and good will through the ‘busy-ness’ of your day.


Matt’s Family

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