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Memorial Day is once again upon us.  The year flies by from ‘holiday’ to ‘holiday’ and we go to picnics, buy discounted appliances, take advantage of special travel packages and cook out, not to mention maybe opening a backyard pool or carpooling to the beach. For many Americans, Memorial Day is the beginning of summer and so much fun. 

For many Gold Star families, however, it continues the constant tug at hearts for those who are no longer at the family picnic, or the beach or the fishing hole; the absence in a family wedding photograph or a loved one just dropping in to say ‘hi’ is no more.  These are every day events now turned into memories for more than 1.7 million Gold Star family members.  We miss them, and yet, we appreciate the love and strength that led them into the military—it is what makes each of these men and women stand apart from all of the other members in their school class, in their business career or on a sports team roster. They are unique, they are special and they should always live on in conversation, in the sunbeams that stretch to earth and in the breeze that touches our cheek.

This Memorial Day, stop at 3pm on Monday, May 29th and take a moment to think about these military loved ones who have gone before us, and who have fought and given their lives so that everyone in America can go on about their holiday weekend and enjoy it the way each person chooses to enjoy it.

Thank you, loved ones, for your sacrifice.

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Please remember a veteran who has passed away. Memorials will be posted on our Wall of Honor page within 24 hours.  (Your email will be kept confidential.)